Join an innovative new program I am leading.  ​Developed by the internationally‐recognized non‐profit organization, E​at Breathe Thrive, ​it combines yoga, meditation, and interactive activities to help individuals overcome food and body image challenges on all ends of the spectrum.

Join us for a six‐week journey of self‐exploration and growth:

  • Uncover your body’s innate intelligence through meditations for tracking hunger and fullness.
  • Learn practical tools for cultivating positive body image and healthier eating habits.
  • Connect with an amazing circle of friends who will support you along your journey.
  • Find out how yoga can be used to redefine your relationship with your body and yourself.
  • Discover a sense of self‐worth and belonging through the power of service.

“If you are searching for ways to be in tune with your body and show it the love and respect it deserves, then join your local Thrive Tribe.”  

‒ Lindsey Roark (joined Thrive Tribe Las Vegas in June 2015)

Our series will virtually meet on Sundays
10am -12pm  EST

February 21st – March 28th 2021

If you are interested in joining this series  please contact me at:

Click here to learn more about Eat Breathe Thrive: Eat Breathe Thrive