I am out with lanterns, looking for myself
– Emily Dickinson

You Could Make This Place BeautifulAs I read this quote from You Could Make This Place Beautiful, I felt as if the Maggie Smith was speaking to my soul. Her beautifully, poetically written verses were emotionally difficult to read, and at the same time, the book was even more challenging to set down.

We are often attracted to what might be difficult for us, yet at the same time we try to distant from it because we don’t want to feel the pain. Deep down we realize that, even if an experience is challenging, facing what’s uncomfortable can ultimately brings us toward healing and growth.

Maggie Smith takes us on a journey of her story, her “tell mine”..

This memoir reminds us to stay present, ever mindful and true to our own experiences. It’s easy lose sight of your own truth when your unintentionally wondering down the path of an outdated story or some else’s version of your story, especially if you’re trying to avoid being hurt or hurting someone else.

If you ask yourself “Where is the beauty when the light is dim?”, remember that your inner wisdom is, as Emily Dickenson long ago observed, the personal lantern that can guide and center you on your journey.

As we keep growing, changing and giving grace we begin to trust ourselves and open ourselves to the very courage that can allow us to catch a glimpses of a beauty that otherwise can seem elusive.

Keep the lantern bright – Find the beauty
journal, take self care, be still, share your “tell mine,” invite hope
allow yourself to dream
trust yourself enough to go out with your lantern and look for yourself
believe in you!

Mental Health Awareness Month