First time I saw this saying “Kinda Care  Kinda Don’t” was on a muted pink, white, sage green and rose colored mug sitting on a shelf with several other mugs.

At first glance, the statement on the mug could just be humorous and aloof, yet its message, felt wise and comforting especially during these times in our life when feeling passionate about something has been an unspoken expectation.

Kinda Care Kinda Don’t reminded me of a space without resistance.  A space of letting go. A space of acceptance.

Andy Puddicombe, co-founder of the digital health company Headspace, introduced this concept in his meditation session “Letting Go of Resistance”.  He explains, in this paraphrased quote, that:

“Letting go of resistance is about questioning our default setting (belief system) that life shouldn’t be difficult and should be full of happiness, but life should be exactly like it should be in every given moment.  When we accept that life can be challenging and difficult moments will happen, we suddenly let go of resistance. We accept it with integrity, authenticity, honesty, and knowing that that our perception of that moment will define our experience.”

Kinda Care Kinda Don’t allows us to stay present without tethering thoughts, expectations, or feelings to our experience.

Stay curious. Let go of expectations. You may be surprised how engaged and passionate, not reactive , you’ll feel about what matters to YOU in your life.