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Kinda Care Kinda Don’t

First time I saw this saying “Kinda Care  Kinda Don’t” was on a muted pink, white, sage green and rose colored mug sitting on a shelf with several other mugs. At first glance, the statement on the mug could just be humorous and aloof, yet its message, felt wise and comforting especially during these times in…

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Reasons to Consider Private Pay vs Health Care Insurance

Opinion: Why I Don’t Take Insurance for Mental Health Services Provide April 1, 2013 by Linda Oxford of Awakening Health You should have control over your therapy. You and I, in consultation, decide what you are here to work on, how to proceed and when you have achieved your purpose. Insurance companies dictate what they…

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Holidays Cravings

Here is how to answer your cravings after the holidays! Celebrating food is in abundance during the holiday season. When we indulge in its richness during this season, it can be difficult to break habits that perpetuate the cycle. In order to “get back on track” we often look outside of ourselves to refocus. For…

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Approach Life As You Do The Weather

The weather this February has been a unique month in Michigan. Some days were 60 degrees while hours or days later were 30 degrees with snow. I paused to think what I can learn from nature to help guide me during times in our lives that FEEL uncertain and we experience anxiety. I have come…

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