The weather this February has been a unique month in Michigan. Some days were 60 degrees while hours or days later were 30 degrees with snow. I paused to think what I can learn from nature to help guide me during times in our lives that FEEL uncertain and we experience anxiety. I have come to the conclusion when I reflect on our seasonal weather is that seasons are consistent, temperature is expected, but ultimately the daily experience is unpredictable.

So how can this observation be helpful?

If most people tend to feel most anxious during transition times, such as divorce, “ not feeling good enough,” attempting to try new experiences, job change, a loss or just stepping outside your comfort zone, then why not attempt to approach life as we would experiencing the temperature outside? We are aware that these moments are consistent, expected and the outcome may be unpredictable. Yet we tend to be surprised and anxious when these moments arise.

Why not listen to your inner wisdom of “knowing” and to approach everyday with wonder. Life can FEEL uncertain, but instead of turning away from it, lean in…. use the think about your anxiety as positive energy in our bodies. Just breathe and flow with the adventure! Trust that you can embrace these times toward empowerment and personal growth. Take a moment to view anxiety differently, with gratitude, and take the opportunity each day to ask yourself when you feel anxious: What can learn? How can I grow? And what can I celebrate? These questions were presented to me years ago during a yoga practice and I would like to share this perspective as well.