Here is how to answer your cravings after the holidays!

Celebrating food is in abundance during the holiday season. When we indulge in its richness during this season, it can be difficult to break habits that perpetuate the cycle. In order to “get back on track” we often look outside of ourselves to refocus. For example, external influences that motivate us maybe the beginning of new calendar year, returning to our daily work schedule, listening to health-based advertising such as promotions for local gym memberships, and watching others through social media act on their new year’s resolutions.

Creating new habits and reclaiming a path to nurture our soul through self discovery is not about appeasing cravings with instant gratification or external influences. One must be courageous and brave enough to look inward and trust ourselves.

So what is our mind, body and soul really craving?

Pause, breathe, let go. The answer already lies within us. Hold space for yourself. Listen. It is possible to feed your soul with a healthy appetite of your own internal wisdom. By tapping into emotional reflection, intellectual growth, physical well-being and spiritual awareness we can naturally and holistically feel fulfilled! (and even splurge with an extra topping of joyfulness)