I recently read a “Guide To Detox During A Crisis For Energy” by Rosie Acousta ~ Radically Loved and thought this could be a reset for when we feel depleted. Since everyone copes differently, this is another restorative tool to help us boost our immunity. We will feel resilient and empowered to tap into the best version of ourselves.

Her guide includes giving up something that doesn’t serve you anymore to gain more energy. It is a suggestion to motivate you in the direction of setting an intention and creating daily rituals for detoxing any people, places or things that drain energy.

So, taking action by letting go of something that doesn’t serve you can be incorporated with qualities you already possess!

When we connect wellness to our body, spirit and emotional sides we feel centered and fulfilled. Some areas might call us to direct more energy to feel revitalized and some may just require patience and self-compassion during time of uncertainty.